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Please find some basic information to help you have an enjoyable stay

Please also refer to the T & Cs on the booking page and ensure you are in full agreement

because proceeding with the stay is only under those conditions. 

ASSISTANCE You will be left to your own devices to enjoy your stay in privacy but if you require emergency assistance during your stay please message 07739869936 or email 

WILDLIFE This is a rural wildlife area. Please therefore expect to meet some wildlife, including the odd spider, mouse, squirrel, bird, fly, bee, wasp or other creature, which may make their way into a property.  If you meet a cat or any other animal, please do not feed them, and please ensure all rubbish and food is covered and put away each evening to prevent wildlife from entering. NOTE Black lab Maxi who lives next door and shares drive might come over from time to time to say hi. If you prefer not to be graced with his presence please advise us. please keep the gate to the garden closed so he cannot get out.



Cross over Staverton Steam Railway and then pass the station and a turn on your left, ignoring instead go straight on and round to the right then take the next immediate left by a stumpy oak tree sign posted Staverton Manor, Landsove, Hillcroft. Go up the hill, keep straight until you get to a large oak on the right and afterwards you'll see Fursdon Farm with a grid on the right. Fursdon Cottages are opposite on the left. Turn left here and squeeze down the narrow lane past the house on the left and then take the left turn into a driveway immediately after the house.

UPON ARRIVAL Park in the yard and you will see a little shed with a gateways. The Rose barn is behind the shed. You can let yourself in with the keycode number presently 

DOOR CODE this changes with multiple stays at random times. The code is currently - 8504Y - press C to reset. The door is locked when guests are not staying, but you will not have a key you will only use the key code lock.

HEATING & HOT WATER the hot water comes on automatically when you turn the tap, give it some time to warm up. The heating is turned on in the cupboard by the window in the downstairs bedroom. Please do not press any button on the boiler apart from ...... 

Please only use heating when necessary because it uses up alot of gas, so be sure to turn it off when you leave the property, likewise with electrical appliances and lights.

Gas heating and hot water is run on gas. If you feel the gas is running low please be sure to tell us immediately so we can get it resolved asap and on time.

TABLE TENNIS bats and balls are kept in the wood box below the stairs

RECYCLING  Landfill is to go into the main bin, you can put compost in the green compost bi at the bottom of the garden, plastics and glass are to be collected and placed in the bin area of the parking. Plastics & tins go in the white bag and all glass bottles in the green boxes.

WIFI rooter .... code.......

In rare cases that wifi is down you can use data on phone of visit one of the coffee houses in the area see below

FIRE WOOD Kindling and fire lighters are in the basket under the stairs, lots in the wood shed outside to the side of the barn

SLIDING DOOR  This wall opens by simply pulling out the metal bar and sliding it open. Please do not attempt tot open the back door by the skate ramp which has been closed up.

OUTSIDE SPACE you are welcome to enjoy the immediate surrounding garden all to yourself. Please do not go into the shed which is private. Also please stay within the boundaries of the immediate garden. The orchard and any other areas belong to another and would be trespassing on neighbours land. You have right of way to access the driveway and to park in there.

Please keep the space tidy and clean and leave it as you found it.


Please can you report back if you feel the barn needs or discover that something is not working so we can be aware.


Bens Farm Shop stocking locally grown delicacies Riverford produce and more. There are also outdoor covered tables, a burger bar and deli cafe with vegan options on site.

Dartington garage and the Good Food Shop next door sell organic produce, amazing home made curries and mulu raw chocolate is made on site.

The Dartington Industrial estate at Shinners Bridge hosts The Almond Thief coffee house and food Bar, 

Dartington Hall Estate in the other direction has The Green Table cafe amongst other cafes and a art cinema called The Barn, also hosts music and literary festivals in the summer

The local pubs walking distances, include Staverton Sea Trout and the more foodie Live and Let Live in Landscove


Totnes Market Town - Late night food shops include Morrisons and the Happy Apple at the top of the Totnes High Street on Apple Lane. The Curators Cafe is an Italian eatery and coffee house that is popular amongst locals, as is Rumours Pizza House, Bens Wine Bar, and Greenlife Health Food Supermarket in the square. Fridays and Saturdays boasts Totnes Market with delicious food stalls including raw chocolates, South Indian dosas and Persian falafels amongst other popular stalls.

Ashburton hosts the Old Library Restaurant as well as many antique shops and is close to the moor.


WILD SWIMMING AT DEEP POOL - 20 minute walk + Walking down the driveway, turn right onto the road and follow it along until taking the next left, When you get to the more main road you cross ver and go through the little gate into the playing fields of Staverton. Cross over and go behind the tennis courts through the gate and follow the path, when you get to the gate by the railway you want to cross over the railway, then take a left and go over the little bridge crossing by the river dam, then going left, follow the path through the woods and eventually you will come to what is called deep pool where locals swim, with rope swings. You can swim anywhere along here.

WOODS CLOSED ON SUNDAY The woods is closed on Sunday and yet you can also access it form the other side which is the same path to Dartington estate. To do this walk, walking down the driveway, turn right onto the road and follow it along ignoring the next left, but go straight until you get to the main road , taking a right and crossing over the steam railway and then over the little bridge. Just after the bridge you will pass a house on the left and right and then immediately you will see a gateway on the left into the woods. You want to go through here and walk on the lower path and wind down to the river. You can follow this path all the way along to Dartingon Hall Estate where there are many walks.

TENNIS COURTS - keys available from the local pub The Sea Trout

BENS FARM SHOP and burger & ice cream bar with vegan options- walking down the driveway, turn left onto the road and then take the left fork and immediately turn left down a bridal path off road, Follow this narrow bridal path all the way to the rad then turn right, slightly up the hill on the left is another bridal path and go left here and it winds round until you get to t a man road. Turn right onto this road and Bens Farm Shop is on the left. 20 minute walk.

RIVERFORD FIELD KITCHEN - 20 minute walk. Booking essential. Turn left out onto the road and take the left fork, straight on over the little bridge and at the end of the road take a right and it is on the right.

DARTINGTON HALL beautiful river walks and many more swimming and picnicking spots, cinema and green table cafe - see above, 40 minute walk

STEAM RAILWAY STATION - see above, 10 minute walk, see internet for timetable


Staverton Sea Trout pub - turning right from the driveway there are many walks to Staverton along the river and through the church yard and to the pub. See maps. 20 minute walks +

Landscove pub and plant nursery and cafe - turning left out of the driveway and following the road round to the right and straight all the way to landscove....20 minute walk



There are many other circular walks on bridal pathways, again see maps

The more adventurous and fit can walk to Totnes through Dartington estate which is around 1-2 hours.


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